Citizens have the right to get good governance. For this, each citizen has to be alert.

Pinarayi Vijayan has become the Chief Minister of Kerala.

Pinarayi Vijayan is a 'leader'; he can lead the State instead of being led by others.

His leadership qualities fit into most definitions of leadership.

He has built up his party into a strong organisation at a time when Communist Parties have been facing challenges everywhere.

He led his party to success against the mighty challenge from communalism.

His personal integrity is unquestionable.

He does not encourage cronies or hangers-on.

He has a positive vision for the development of the State.

His thought process always includes the weakest sections of society.

As Chief Minister, he would be slightly more than the First among equals.

He has the potential to emerge as the best Chief Minister that Kerala has ever had.

If someone is reminded of Narendra Modi of 2014, please don't compare; their social, economic and political perspectives are totally contrasting.

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