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First car carrier vessel touches Kochi port

Kochi: As many as 345 cars of different brands drove into the Kochi port in full style with the first ever car carrier ship docking at the port. MV Dresden, with roll-on and roll-off facilities, touched the shore with her load from Tamil Nadu and Gujrat. The ship had started from the Ennore Port and reached Kochi by Tuesday morning. The cars were all driven into the Q7 berth at the port within a mere three hours and will be stocked there till the dealers finish the formalities and take charge of the consignment.
The ship was received at the port by the Union Minister for Shipping and Highways, Nitin Gadkari. SIAL logistics, a Chennai-based company was the one who initiated the shipping of the vessel with a carrying capacity of 4300 cars on its 13 decks. With this the ambitious project of connecting the automobile hubs, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Haryana has been given a great start.
The first lot carried cars manufactured by Renault, Hyundai and Ford. The port authorities expressed hope that at least one carrier will reach the port every week bringing a revenue of minimum Rs.10 lakh per docking. This would translate into Rs. 5-8 crore in a year at the rate of Rs. 500 on wharfage for every car and despite the 50 percent off declared on the vessel-related charges


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