Citizens have the right to get good governance. For this, each citizen has to be alert.

State Government

Monitoring : For convenience, the governance function can be For convenience, the governance function can be monitored at two levels - one, the top level which includes the Cabinet, the Chief Minister, the Ministers, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Secretariat, and two, the rest of the government from the village level to the Heads of Departments. The Top Level will be given 80% of the attention as the overall impact is higher. In the second category, we shall not consider individual cases, but will look only at the systemic issues.

Assessment : The assessment will be initially limited to the elected persons in the administration, namely the Chief Minister and the Ministers, and the Cabinet.

Research : We shall conduct surveys and studies and do pilot projects to assess existing models and practices in governance and develop better ones.

How We Do It

Monitoring : The Members will identify relevant matters and post them on this website. The core group of Advisors will identify major issues from those put up by the members or from those raised by the media, or from confidential information received from various sources. Matters with an impact on the quality of governance will be taken up for public discussion on the site or in the media. If it is a suggestion for improvement, it will be taken up with the administrative authorities. The Advisors may also decide whether legal action is required in any case. The Group may also decide to demonstrate how society can help government in good governance.

Assessment : Every month, the group will identify the visible things done or not done by the Cabinet, the Chief Minister and each of the Ministers. For each Minister, the monthly weightage is 100, which will be apportioned among the various items based on their social impact. The Members will assign positive or negative marks for each item within 10 days of its publication, and its average will be the score of the Minister for the month. This will be moderated by the Advisors.

However, in the present scenario in Kerala, the above assessment exercise would not be appropriate because of the impending elections. We shall start our comprehensive exercise with the new Government in June 2016.

Central Government

Until May 2016, when the Government completes two years, we shall be doing only monitoring, and general assessment.

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