Citizens have the right to get good governance. For this, each citizen has to be alert.

Achieving good governance in India

I thought of initiating a discussion on how we can achieve good governance in India and, to my mind, transparency and inclusion are the two integral parts of a good government.

Youth & Good Governance

Today's youth will one day lead societies in various countries, build their economies, and make decisions that will have an impact in the lives of future generations. A series of international conferences have been devoted to various themes analyzing and highlighting the plight of war-affected children and the need to protect them from all forms of abuses. However, one area that has most often been overlooked and/or minimized in the agenda of these international conferences is one of the fundamental causes of some of these conflicts - the result of poor governance in affected countries.

Media and Good Governance

The relationship between media and good governance is the 2005 theme for the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day. On a day we celebrate the commitment and dedication of a particular individual to defend the right of freedom of expression, it is appropriate to examine the notion of good governance in the light of this right and its sister right, the right of access to information.

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